Violinist Renaud Capuçon joins violin teachers for live Q&A!

On March 26 we held a training day for violin teachers at the French schools in our A violin can change the world project. With pandemic restrictions still in place, we replaced our retreat to the countryside with a virtual roundtable, where our coaching/training team covered the basics of our teaching method.

The highlight of the day was a surprise appearance by French violinist Renaud Capuçon, who has supported A violin can change the world from the very beginning. He enthusiastically recalled his early years as a child violinist and the pleasure it gave him to play music with others.

As for the young violinists in our program, he told the teachers frankly, “You’re adding zest to their lives that they’ll never lose.”

In response to questions, Renaud also discussed his experiences as a teacher, highlighting the value of encouraging students to be both focused and relaxed—and above all, the importance of “unlearning to relearn.” Listen to the full recording (in French) below.