Journal du Dimanche reporter visits Albert Camus school in Sarcelles

For the students at Albert Camus School in Sarcelles, June 4, 2021 will be a day to remember. Much to their excitement, Journal du Dimanche reporter Marie Quenet spent the morning at the school, currently home to 180 of our young violinists, ages four to eight. After attending several group violin lessons, Ms. Quenet spoke with[LC1]  children, parents, classroom instructors and violin teachers. They told her that they felt happy and fortunate to be part of this “positive project,” which has had a tangible impact on both the students and their learning environment.

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Ms. Quenet’s visit concluded with a graduation ceremony for the eight-year-olds, who are completing the violin program this year. Sarcelles Mayor Patrick Haddad, First Vice Mayor Monique L’Ollivier-Langlade, and Conservatory Director Olivier Voize were in attendance, along with Guylène Mouquet-Burtin, the French Education Ministry’s Academic Director for Val d’Oise, and Hélène and Pierre Vareille. Highlights of this solemn yet joyous occasion included a speech written by the children and read aloud by three young students—all slightly intimidated to be taking the floor right after the mayor!

A brief performance of Bach and Bartok by the violin teachers brought the celebration to a perfect close.