A visit to the NeuroSpin laboratory

NeuroSpin - 1st june 2022

New insights at NeuroSpin

On Wednesday, June 1, representatives of the French education system and the Vareille Foundation visited NeuroSpin, a neuroimaging laboratory in Saclay, a southwestern suburb of Paris. Headed by Dr. Stanislas Dehaene, NeuroSpin has ties to CEA and France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), and is currently conducting a three-year brain-imaging study to assess the impact of our violin project on the brains of young children.

Our group included teachers from schools whose students will be tested, and the visit gave them insights into the testing process and its considerable potential to improve our understanding of child brain development.

All of the visitors were deeply grateful to have this rare opportunity to meet directly with the research team.

Many thanks to our hosts at NeuroSpin for their warm welcome!

Highlights from this illuminating tour are captured in the photographs below.