Val-d’Oise Academic Director visits Persan school

Guylène Mouquet-Burtin, the French Education Ministry’s Academic Director (DASEN) for Val-d’Oise, visited Paul Eluard school in Persan on March 12.

After attending preschool violin classes taught by Paul Ruque and Delphine Ferchat, Ms. Mouquet-Burtin joined Hélène and Pierre Vareille in presenting violin diplomas to our very first group of Persan graduates, who completed the program in June 2020. When asked how they felt about playing music, the children were eloquent: “I like to play. The violin is sweet. It puts me in a good mood.”

Also present was Persan’s First Vice Mayor, Sabrina Ecard, who highlighted opportunities offered by the town’s Conservatory for students who want to continue studying music.

The children loved the graduation ceremony, which ended with a brief concert by violin teachers Tiffany Ummathallegadoo and Delphine Ferchat.