Garges-lès-Gonesse welcomes a special visitor

Senior education official visits Garges

On Monday, December 6, Jean Jaurès Elementary School in Garges was honored to welcome Edouard Geffray, France’s Director General of Elementary and Secondary Education. He was accompanied by Charline Avenel, Chief Education Officer of the Versailles School District; Guylène Mouquet-Burtin, Director of Education for Val d’Oise; and their staff.

The visitors attended one violin class for 4-year-olds (grande section) and another for 8-year-olds (CE1). They were struck by the quality of the instruction provided by violin teachers Carole Paroubek and Luis Joves, and were particularly impressed by their focus on detail, the personal attention they gave to each student, and their thoughtful approach to structuring the class.

Members of the delegation showed genuine interest in the program, speaking at length with the teaching teams and several parents about the educational benefits of A violin can change the world. The classroom teachers made it clear that they have taken ownership of the project, explaining how they are using the violin exercises to teach writing, language skills, reading, and even math. For them, A violin can change the world has become A violin can change my classroom.

All in all, it was a perfect illustration of the power of education.