Zurich’s Hardau kindergarten celebrates its young violinists.

 violine_im_kindergarten_2 We invited the parents of the Hardau kindergarteners participating in our project to attend an October 26 ceremony that included presenting the children with their violins.






Susanne Gilg, who heads the project for the Zurich conservatory, led the event.

Organized by the Zurich Music School, Hardau Kindergarten and the Vareille Foundation, the gathering was a great success.


Over 100 people attended, and the room—decorated with delightful drawings of violins the children had made in class—was packed. Thanks to careful preparation by the teachers at the school and the conservatory, everyone had a good time, and it was a pleasure to see the children take their first steps into the world of music


Our young violinists are also learning to draw: during their classes, they worked on pictures of violins.

The afternoon began with songs performed by the children, who have already begun to learn about rhythm.



Music teachers Annina Kamm and Elisabeth Schuler led the singing.



They were accompanied—on the violin, of course—by teachers Kyeong Ha Hong, Justyna Sromicki and Hong Yip.

In the second part of the program, various speakers presented the project and its goals. Then the violin teachers treated us to two beautiful works by Dvorak.




Hélène Vareille outlined the Foundation’s goals.


Peter Reichen, who heads the Conservatory’s activities in the Hardau area, explained how the project will work.

Clément Dumortier serves as the point of contact between the Foundation and Hardau









Kyeong Ha Hong, Justyna Sromicki and Hong Yip play Dvorak.

Then it was time to present the children with their violins. They each came forward to accept their violin, posed for a commemorative photo with their teachers and their group, and then went back to their place with their instrument in their arms and a smile on their face.


A violin for every child!

All of the project participants—the music and violin teachers, and the teachers at the school—received our warmest thanks for working to make the project a success and each of them receive a beautiful bouquet.



A bevy of bouquets presented by the Hardau kindergarten and the Music school


Hardau kindergarten principals Eva Schilling and Elisa Ruoff were presented with a large, heart-shaped cake.

Hardau’s principals received a special gourmet thank-you: a large, heart-shaped cake. The sight of it made a few mouths water—perfect timing, since the next item on the agenda was an afternoon snack of pastries and beverages from the team at St. Jakob Beck bakery, a part of the St. Jakob Foundation.
Everyone quickly dove into the refreshments, which went perfectly with conversation and the many questions asked by attendees.