Work session in Lausanne

On last Tuesday morning (September 12th, 2017), the Foundation (with its President – Hélène Vareille – and its Director – Clément Dumortier) met with the Verbier Festival, represented by Stephen McHolm (Director fo the Academy and Special Projects), and the schools of Martigny, represented by Patrice Moret (Director), for a work session in Lausanne.

Patrice Moret, Hélène Vareille, Stephen McHolm et Clément Dumortier

Here was the agenda of the day:

– debriefing of the day organized at the Verbier Festival last July for the families from Martigny (children and parents),
– brainstorming about the same kind of project for summer 2018,
– brainstorming about some new actions and initiatives along the year the Foundation could help with musicians of the Verbier Festival to go in the schools of Valais.

To know more about those projects, stay tuned in the upcoming months!