Verbier Festival welcomes our young musicians

On July 30 our valued partners at the Verbier Festival organized a lovely day for the Martigny students and their parents as part of their 2016 program.

Violin prodigy Daniel Lozakovich (c) Nicolas Brodard

Violin prodigy Daniel Lozakovich (c) Nicolas Brodard

Once our guests had arrived from Martigny by tour bus, everyone gathered for a big picnic in the sun.

Afterwards we attended a concert by the Verbier Festival Junior Orchestra. The program included Daniel Lozakovich, a very young violin prodigy whose performance thrilled his audience.

Verbier Festival – Chess tournament

Verbier Festival – Chess tournamen

When the concert was over, the children attended a musical workshop and then rejoined their parents for a major chess tournament hosted by Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik, who expertly defeated all challengers.

Our guests from Martigny—large and small alike—went home delighted with their first experience of the Verbier Festival.