A research on teaching methods for “a violin can change the world”

Our team is delighted to welcome Charles Garnier, a violinist, violin teacher and assistant in the education department at the Geneva University of Music.

In 2018 Charles will work with Clément Dumortier, Project Director for our A violin can change the world program, to conduct a study that will identify best practices and make recommendations as to the most effective teaching methods, structures and materials for group violin classes aimed at children ages four to eight.

We will share the results of his work with all of the program’s stakeholders, enabling them to optimize and harmonize their practices—without losing sight of the specific needs of each school.



Charles will observe violin classes at Martigny, Zurich and Persan, the three schools now actively participating in the program. He will base his findings on his observations and on input from music instructors, teachers, administrators, and key partners, using questionnaires and interviews to learn what teaching methods and best practices they have developed, how they have structured their programs, and what challenges they have encountered.