Meeting with the Valais team

On the heels of our June 9 meeting with the school in Martigny, on July 3 we met with most of the team that will be involved in the Valais project when the new school year begins. The Verbier Festival also sent representatives, and Swissocial attended to present its impact measurement methodology.

Everyone was very enthusiastic, and in less than two hours we had settled all of the outstanding organizational issues. Juan Alarcon then presented Swissocial’s impact measurement methodology, which was very well received. The next step is to contact Antoine Mudry of the Haute École pédagogique in Valais to explore the possibility of refining our impact tracking process.

Despite the oppressive heat, everyone was smiling.

2015-06-Équipe Valais

Photo (from left to right):
Raphy Darbellay, Michel Beytrison, Hélène Vareille, Christian Thompson, Nadia Rigolet, Vérène Zay, Juan Alarcon, Carine Saillen