Spring 2016: Martigny to Zurich to London

On March 9, we met with representatives of the Haute École Pédagogique du Valais (HEP), a local university for education training and research, to take a closer look at how HEP might use the impact measurement system developed for us by Swissocial in some of its own research efforts. At the end of the meeting, we concluded that our impact measurement goals and their research goals are too different to allow for joint data processing, but we agreed that HEP would to arrange for collection and processing of complementary data on the groups of children in our project and the control groups. Each team will have access to all of the subsequent results and findings.

On March 10 the Martigny teachers came to Zurich to attend violin classes taught by their project colleagues in the city. Afterwards, all of them met over lunch to talk about the challenges they encountered and the successes they achieved during the project’s first year in the classroom. As the conversation continued, best practices for developing shared teaching principles began to take shape.

On March 16 we met with the heads and leading sponsors of the London Music Masters program—a major inspiration for our project—over an excellent dinner. Victoria Robey, who founded London Music Masters, led a discussion on the outlook for the London project and the process of integrating it into the British educational system. While the situations in the UK and Switzerland are not exactly the same, we came away with a number of ideas that we can pursue to make our project sustainable for the long term.