Introductory seminar for new teachers in Val d’Oise

On September 12-13, some 50 teachers and administrators from schools in our A violin can change the world project gathered at the Maison de l’Education in Val d’Oise, near Paris, for a two-day training program organized by the local office of the French Education Ministry.

The basic principles and goals of our project were presented to the trainees, who also had the opportunity to interact with the Foundation team and the lead violin teacher for each school.

The agenda also included a presentation on the methodology for measuring the project’s impact, developed under the leadership of researcher Philippe Coulangeon. The field work and data collection will begin this school year, with our new cohort of four-year-olds and their counterparts in schools that are not participating in the project.

The teachers also worked together to hone their plan for each school and discuss joint projects and synergies between the children’s violin lessons and their classroom instruction.