Inauguration and presentation of violins in Dugny and Vernier

On September 19, we launched A violin can change the world at Colonel Fabien school in Dugny, north of Paris, as project partners and family members gathered for a ceremony illuminated by the setting sun.

After a warm welcome from Dugny Mayor André Veyssière and French Education Ministry official Christine Geffriaux, Hélène and Pierre Vareille introduced the project and presented a violin to each child. Next on the program was Yardani Torres Maiani, a regular performer at our inauguration ceremonies in France, whose playing conjured all the magic of the violin. Time seemed to stand still, and some of the children sat spellbound, dazzled by his virtuosity and musicality.

For more, read this feature article in Le Parisien.



On September 23, we held a second inauguration ceremony in Vernier (Geneva Canton), where Emilie de Morsier school became the tenth to participate in our project. Once again, the children (and adults!) were fascinated by the music of the violin as Alexandra Conunova, soloist and long-time supporter of our project, performed a mini-concert with outstanding accompaniment from none other than Pierre Vareille.

The Geneva Tribune featured the ceremony in an article here.