Impressive year-end concert at Hardau school in Zurich

Hardau Elementary School in Zurich chose to present its year-end concert on June 21, World Music Day.

Relatives and members of the Vareille Foundation team gathered for a superb performance, with all of the little violinists bringing their very best to the concert.

The program included violin ensembles, songs with violin accompaniment, and performances by the violin teachers from the Zurich School of Music, and audience members were impressed—not only by the children’s musicality, but by their focus, professionalism and enthusiastic applause for their classmates. The concert also featured the first solo performances from our young violinists—a major milestone!

Because Hardau has one of our longest-running A violin can change the worldprograms (launched in 2015 along with Martigny’s), some 40 of its students have now completed their studies. Each of them received a Little Violinist diploma recognizing their remarkable dedication and the many skills they have acquired in learning the violin—skills that will prove extremely useful as they continue their studies.