Impact measurement: Support from education specialists at HEP

On September 3 we met to discuss setting up our impact measurement system.

Juan Alarcon and Dr Juan Otero of Swissocial outlined the foundations of Swissocial’s methodology and presented questionnaires developed especially for our project.
Raphy Darbellay and Michel Beytrison attended on behalf of the Valais school system, and they were accompanied by Antoine Mudry and Danièle Perisset, both from the Haute École Pédagogique du Valais (HEP), a local university for education training and research, and both experts in assessing education systems.

As they work with Swissocial, we will benefit from their expert guidance in implementing our tracking system, particularly in the area of evaluating academic progress among the children who participate in the program.

On October 1 we will have a daylong working session in Zurich to build on this initial contact with HEP.

We are delighted to have the university’s support.