Impact measurement contract with Swissocial


Swissocial’s method offers a thorough, objective approach to measuring impact.

For our “A violin can change the world” project, Juan Alarcon is working with a doctor who specialized in medical research projects and now focuses on projects with social goals. By using this method to measure our impacts, we will benefit from the time-tested scientific approach used in the medical field.

We will use impact tracking to compare two groups who participate in the project—44 children in Valais and 100 in Zurich who will begin the program in September 2015—with two non-participating groups of children in other classes at the same schools.

The purpose of the methodology is to consider both tangible and intangible benefits, for the children themselves and for their communities. As a result, there are four categories of impact: individual/tangible, individual/intangible, collective/tangible and collective intangible. Each of the four categories is weighted to arrive at the final result, and weighting is based on the nature of each project and its goals.

Under the Swissocial model, a total of nine indicators are defined and then measured by having teachers and parents respond to a very concrete questionnaire once or twice a year, so the measuring process does not become a burden.