How do they do it?

We’ve been asked how young children who haven’t yet learned to read or count can be taught to play the violin.

Our five teachers at Zurich Hardau and Martigny are still perfecting their method, and they are meeting on March 10 to trade ideas and best practices.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick look at some of the techniques they use to work with young children whose capabilities haven’t fully developed.

Using color


Each string corresponds to a colored sticker on the violin.







The same colors are used to prepare the sheet music.


A five-year-old’s eyes can easily recognize colors at a glance, whereas reading notes on a staff only comes at a more advanced stage of eye and brain development.





Putting the right foot forward—and keeping peace in the classroom


During their violin classes, all of the children are supposed to stay on their own little rug—and it works! Cardboard cutouts help them get their feet into the proper position.