Garges and Cergy end the year on a high note

On June 25, family members gathered at Espace Lino Ventura in Garges for a year-end concert by the students at Jean Jaurès school.

Against a stunning graphic backdrop, the children performed music inspired by the four elements, with guidance from their violin teachers and classroom instructors. Their listeners were charmed by the concert and impressed at the progress they had made.
In a moving ceremony, Hélène Vareille was presented with a delightful thank-you gift: a large portrait of the school’s violin mascot, drawn by Carole Paroubek and signed by all the young violinists and their classroom instructors.


And on June 27, Chat Perché school in Cergy presented the last of our year-end concerts.

As the three-year-olds performed, our five-year-old violinists proudly accompanied them.

The concert also gave us an opportunity to express our warmest thanks to Madame Molinari, principal of Chat Perché preschool, for her invaluable help in getting our project off the ground. Looking ahead to her coming retirement, Cergy Mayor Jean-Paul Jeandon presented Madame Molinari with a city medal and a violin, so she can continue studying the instrument and maintain her ties to the project that owes so much to her.