They support the Foundation and its projects

Educational institutions:

  • The Department of Education at Canton of Valais, under the aegis of Michel Beytrison, Deputy Director of the Educational Department.
  • The schools of Martigny: Director Patrice Moret, former Director (who initiated the project) Raphy Darbellay and Coordinator Pierre-Louis Nanchen (Responsible for music education at schools of Martigny). Find out more
  • The Schule Hardau, Zurich. Directors: Alexandra Böni and Maja Strasser. Find out more
  • The school Paul Eluard of Persan. Director: Elodie Lafon. Find out more

Music institutions:

  • The Conservatoire Cantonal of Valais. Director Thierry DebonsFind out more
  • The Musikschule Konservatorium Zürich (MKZ). Vice Director Susanne Gilt, Coordinator Peter ReichenFind out more
  • The Verbier Festival. Director Martin Engstroem and with the collaboration of Stephen McHolmFind out more
  • The Zürcher Kammerorchester (ZKO). Director Michael Buelher, Music Director Daniel HopeFind out more
  • The Royaumont Foundation. Director Francis Maréchal. Find out more

Evaluation institutions:

  • The Haute Ecole Pédagogique of Valais (HEP), with Danièle Périsset (Responsible of Sciences of education). Find out more
  • Swiss Social, thanks to Juan Alarcon and Juan OteroFind out more

Partner project:

Collaborators for the project “A violin can change the world”:

  • Daniel Hope, violinist et Music Director of Zürcher Kammerorchester. Find out more
  • Rodolfo Gambino, violin maker (based in Lausanne, rue de la Grotte 3, Switzerland)
  • Pierre-Yves Dalle-Carbonare, violin maker (based in Toulouse, France). Find out more

They believe in the Foundation and its project

The local and cantonal administrations:

  • Municipality of Martigny, represented by Sylvie Luginbuhl
  • Municipality of Zurich, represented by Gerold Lauber
  • Municipality of Persan, represented by Alain Kasse