The Vareille Foundation is a family philanthropic foundation under the supervision of the Swiss federal authorities. It is legally recognized as being of public utility and is registered with the Swiss federal authorities in the canton of Zurich. Read official documents (in German).

Our goals:

1. Classical music should belong to everyone

Our goal is to design and/or actively participate in projects that introduce classical music to children who would otherwise have little chance of encountering it.

2. Helping children succeed in school

A solid body of research shows that children’s chances of success in school vary widely, depending on where they come from and what they already know when they enter the classroom―even for the very youngest students.

At the same time, interdisciplinary studies by education and research professionals are pointing increasingly towards strategies that can make the most disadvantaged children significantly more likely to succeed.

At the Vareille Foundation, our goal is to help launch and track pilot projects that scientifically test and measure the effectiveness of methods and tools that can make learning easier for the most disadvantaged children—right from the start.

3. Fighting poverty

Regrettably, our developed economies have created an underclass of people who have slipped through the cracks in our existing support systems and are largely forgotten by society.

At the Vareille Foundation, we’re searching for ways to get the disadvantaged into the workplace and out of the poverty trap.