The Lignon elementary school in Vernier (close to Geneva) joined the program A violin can change the world  in September 2018, with children from 1P in 3 classes, ie about 60 children that will follow the program during four years.


A violin can change the world wins Education Ministry award

Violinist Renaud Capuçon joins violin teachers for live Q&A!

Val-d’Oise Academic Director visits Persan school

Fondation de France showcases A violin can change the world

Music and the brain—a winning combination

Bonne année 2021 ! Ein glückliches Neues Jahr! Happy New Year!

Gonesse ceremony welcomes new town into violin project

Violins presented in Sarcelles

Curtain up! Violins presented to students in Garges

Val d’Oise education center hosts training for new team members

School year 2020-21: Making music on a whole new scale

Concerts de fin d’année … virtuels, suite !

2020, the show must go on – virtually

Violin project presented to 75 Val-d’Oise schools

Happy New Year 2020!

Young violinists welcome composer Diana Soh to Persan

Inauguration and presentation of violins in Dugny and Vernier

Introductory seminar for new teachers in Val d’Oise

Two new schools join A violin can change the world in 2019

Garges and Cergy end the year on a high note

CNRS researcher chosen to evaluate violin project

Sarcelles year-end concert: A trip around the world

Regional media showcase Persan and Sarcelles

Persan concert features Conservatory orchestra

Spectacular year-end concert at Martigny

Star Wars steals the show at Monthey concert

Big Bad Wolf on stage at Le Lignon

Geneva Tribune highlights “A violin can change the world”

Martigny featured in RTS Radio broadcast

Storytellers: Working hand in hand with the Verbier Festival

RTS television features A violin can change the world

Hardau Elementary rehearses for year-end concert in Zurich’s Tonhalle

Busy weekend for attendees at Foundation’s first all-school seminar

Amandine Beyer visits the children at Albert Camus school in Sarcelles

Persan holds mid-year concert

Cergy violinists present their first concert

Valais magazine spotlights “a violin can change the world”

Swiss radio network RTS2 interviews Hélène Vareille

Year-end meetings strike a congenial note

Wishing you an excellent 2019!

Martigny: bridging the generation gap with music

Violins presented to four-year-olds in Persan

Year-end meetings strike a congenial note

Praise for the Vareille Foundation from Renaud Capuçon

Budding violinists at Cergy school receive their instruments

Vernier Le Lignon project launched on October 4

Violin music fills the air at Jean Jaurès elementary in Garges

Ready, set, go! Violins presented to Sarcelles students

Monthey’s Théâtre du Crochetan welcomes our young violinists

29 July 2018: Unforgettable day at Verbier Festival

Val d’Oise partners prepare for 2018-19 school year

Dinner at Royaumont with Val d’Oise partners

Moving year-end concert in Persan

Violin project presented to families in Cergy, Sarcelles and Garges

Impressive year-end concert at Hardau school in Zurich

Standing room only for Martigny’s year-end concert

Eight schools to host A violin can change the world in Fall 2018

Mother Goose: Festival atmosphere in Martigny

Exploring Mother Goose in art and music

Delphine de Kesling joins the Vareille Foundation team

A research on teaching methods for “a violin can change the world”

March 17: a day for Persan parents and children at Royaumont Abbey

Three new schools in Fall 2018!

Violin project launched in France!

Work session in Lausanne

A nice day for the families from Valais in Verbier

Zurich program ends the year on a high note

Martigny schools hold year-end concert

London Music Masters come to Zurich

Martigny hosts visitors from France

Zurich violin students attend concert starring Daniel Hope

New retreat for “violin project” participants at Verbier Festival!

Meeting with parents in Martigny

Visiting our violin classes in Zurich

Verbier Festival welcomes our young musicians

Our first concerts!

First feedback from teachers

Program for Zurich school year takes shape

Meeting with violinist Daniel Hope

Spring 2016: Martigny to Zurich to London

A progress report on 2016

How do they do it?

Our first set of impact data

First recital for parents at Zurich Hardau

Zurich: in the news

Zurich’s Hardau kindergarten celebrates its young violinists.

Valais: in the news

5/5 – Grand finale: an Italian buffet

4/5 – Singing and dancing

3/5 – The high note: the children receive their violins

2/5 – A surprise concert by Alexandra Conunova

Lovely evening in Martigny on October 9

Presentation to Martigny parents

Impact measurement: Support from education specialists at HEP

Violins arrive

Two days in Verbier

Meeting with the Valais team

90 violins now being made!

Raphy Darbellay, superintendent of Martigny’s elementary schools, relays a message from the local council in Martigny: “Full steam ahead!”

Meeting with the team for the Zurich project

Meeting with the leadership of the Martigny school district

Impact measurement contract with Swissocial

Contact with the Valais Education Department .

Meeting with Thierry Debons of the Valais Conservatory

Hardau kindergarten: A great place to launch our Zurich project

Clément Dumortier: A new pillar for the Foundation

Meeting with Valais officials

Music for every child

Helping children succeed in school

Verbier Festival: A world-class partner

Follow-up meeting with GFZ Foundation on February 25, 2015

Meeting with the Limmat Foundation in Zurich on January 27, 2015

Meeting with the GFZ Foundation on January 14, 2015

Meeting with the Zurich Conservatory on January 8, 2015