The project A violin can change the world started in Persan in 2017 with two classes of MS and two classes of GS of the school Paul Eluard 2.

In September 2018 were added 2 classes of CP from this same institution and from September 2019 there will be 8 classes in total that will have joined the project, ie about 190 children.


Val-d’Oise Academic Director visits Persan school

School year 2020-21: Making music on a whole new scale

2020, the show must go on – virtually

Young violinists welcome composer Diana Soh to Persan

Introductory seminar for new teachers in Val d’Oise

CNRS researcher chosen to evaluate violin project

Persan concert features Conservatory orchestra

Busy weekend for attendees at Foundation’s first all-school seminar

Persan holds mid-year concert

Violins presented to four-year-olds in Persan

Moving year-end concert in Persan

March 17: a day for Persan parents and children at Royaumont Abbey

Our first concerts!

First feedback from teachers

Program for Zurich school year takes shape

Meeting with violinist Daniel Hope

Spring 2016: Martigny to Zurich to London

A progress report on 2016

How do they do it?

Our first set of impact data

First recital for parents at Zurich Hardau

Zurich’s Hardau kindergarten celebrates its young violinists.

Violins arrive

90 violins now being made!

Meeting with the team for the Zurich project

Impact measurement contract with Swissocial

Hardau kindergarten: A great place to launch our Zurich project

Clément Dumortier: A new pillar for the Foundation

Meeting with the Zurich Conservatory on January 8, 2015