The project A violin can change the world started in Martigny in 2015 with two classes. Today there are 4 classes of 1H 2H, two classes of 3H and 2 classes of 4H who benefit from the project, about 180 children.


School year 2020-21: Making music on a whole new scale

2020, the show must go on – virtually

Spectacular year-end concert at Martigny

Martigny featured in RTS Radio broadcast

Storytellers: Working hand in hand with the Verbier Festival

Busy weekend for attendees at Foundation’s first all-school seminar

Valais magazine spotlights “a violin can change the world”

Swiss radio network RTS2 interviews Hélène Vareille

Martigny: bridging the generation gap with music

29 July 2018: Unforgettable day at Verbier Festival

Standing room only for Martigny’s year-end concert

Mother Goose: Festival atmosphere in Martigny

Exploring Mother Goose in art and music

Work session in Lausanne

Our first concerts!

First feedback from teachers

Spring 2016: Martigny to Zurich to London

How do they do it?

Our first set of impact data

5/5 – Grand finale: an Italian buffet

4/5 – Singing and dancing

3/5 – The high note: the children receive their violins

2/5 – A surprise concert by Alexandra Conunova

Lovely evening in Martigny on October 9

Presentation to Martigny parents

Impact measurement: Support from education specialists at HEP

Violins arrive

Two days in Verbier

Meeting with the Valais team

90 violins now being made!

Raphy Darbellay, superintendent of Martigny’s elementary schools, relays a message from the local council in Martigny: “Full steam ahead!”

Meeting with the leadership of the Martigny school district

Impact measurement contract with Swissocial

Contact with the Valais Education Department .

Meeting with Thierry Debons of the Valais Conservatory

Clément Dumortier: A new pillar for the Foundation

Meeting with Valais officials

Verbier Festival: A world-class partner