5/5 – Grand finale: an Italian buffet

By now it was after 20.00 and stomachs were rumbling. Everyone gathered around the buffet tables, where Italian delicacies, ranging from savory to sweet, satisfied even the most sophisticated palates.
The buffet also gave our guests an opportunity to get to know each other. Our Zurich partners, who had come especially for the ceremony, mingled with members of the Martigny team, representatives of the Verbier Festival, and many others.



Bridge Project director Rob Adediran chats with Martin Engstroem and Christian Thompson of the Verbier Festival. 


Antoine Mudry of the Valais university for education training and research and Pierre-Louis Nanchen, head of music.










Pauline Daragon of the Verbier Festival, with Mireille-Louise Morand from Martigny



Vareille Foundation board member Béatrice Charon (right), talks with Rob Adediran about the Bridge Project, our London-based model.











Susanne Gilg (center), who heads our Zurich project on behalf of the city’s conservatory, came to make contact with the Valais project for the first time 


One last commemorative photograph before we all went home!