Three new schools in Fall 2018!

It’s official! In the Fall of 2018, three new schools will join our a violin can change the world program.

Talks with stakeholders in the candidate cities, begun in 2017, have now reached a successful conclusion.

Won over by the project itself and by the enthusiasm of the teams that are already participating, the three new schools will launch the program when their students go back to school in 2018. A warm welcome to:

  • the Monthey school complex in Switzerland’s Valais canton
  • the Albert Camus school complex in Sarcelles and the Jean Jaurès school complex in Garges-lès-Gonesse, both in the French département of Val d’Oise, north of Paris.

By September 2018, a total of six schools will be actively participating in the program, giving nearly 750 children access to early violin instruction that will help them succeed in school.