1/5 – A large and attentive crowd

At 19.00 on October 9, parents, children and other guests began pouring into Martigny’s community hall to attend the inaugural ceremony for our project A violin can change the world. We were delighted to welcome nearly 140 people to the event.


Clément Dumortier, our talented master of ceremonies


The brilliant Clément Dumortier presided over the evening, leading us expertly through each segment of the program, which was carefully crafted to hold the children’s attention.


The first segment featured several very well-received speeches that combined humor with seriousness of purpose. There were five speakers in all:



Anne-Laure Couchepin, Chair of the Martigny School Boar


Anne-Laure Couchepin reaffirmed Martigny’s strong support for our project;




Jean-Marie Cleusix, head of the Valais department of education


Jean-Marie Cleusix very aptly reminded us all of the link between music and mathematics—and even invoked Pythagoras! (Read his remarks in French);



Hélène Vareille, President of the Vareille Foundation


Hélène Vareille described the origins of the project and explained how it will work;



Raphy Darbellay, superintendent of Martigny’s elementary schools




Raphy Darbellay dazzled us with references to music and poetry (Read his remarks in French);




Christian Thompson, Director of the Verbier Festival Academy



Christian Thompson concluded the first segment of the program by speaking directly to the children, describing the power of music and its ability to inspire happiness.