Standing room only for Martigny’s year-end concert

Applause rang out in Martigny on 8 June, as the children in our A violin can change the worldprogram presented their year-end concert.


With impressive poise and concentration, youngsters in grades 1H-4H joined with their teachers to create a powerful musical experience for their families. In one especially heart-warming moment, the oldest children played Ode to Joywith Hélène Vareille, who—like the students themselves—began learning to play the violin three years ago.



The violin teachers received their own share of well-deserved applause, both for their work with the youngsters and for a beautiful quartet performance.





At the end of the concert, Little Violinist were presented to the children in 4H, who will leave the program at the end of the school year—with the option to continue studying the violin at the Valais Music Conservatory.