Persan holds mid-year concert

On Saturday, February 16, all of our young violinists in Persan and their teachers presented a mid-year concert on the beautiful stage at the Persan School of Music.   Three classes of children ages four, five and six brought deep concentration to their performances, and they were clearly determined to…...Mehr erfahren


Violins presented to four-year-olds in Persan

On Friday, December 14, two classes of four-year-olds at the Paul Éluard educational complex in Persan were officially presented with their violins in a charming ceremony at the school, as family members and project partners looked on. French Senator Arnaud Bazin also attended, reminding everyone of the strong support for…...Mehr erfahren


Moving year-end concert in Persan

On Saturday, June 23, children at the Paul Eluard elementary school in Persan presented a world premier to an audience of parents and partners in our A violin can change the world project. On the program: Ants in My Violin, an original fairy tale by Persan music teacher Delphine Ferchat,…...Mehr erfahren