Amandine Beyer visits the children at Albert Camus school in Sarcelles

On behalf of the children at Albert Camus school in Sarcelles, violin teacher Delphine Ferchat sent us this report on their day with a special guest. The celebrated violin soloist Amandine Beyer (explore her website here) visited the school under our partnership with the Fondation Royaumont.

We had a wonderful time on Monday, March 11, at Albert Camus school in Sarcelles.

Amandine Beyer—the GREATviolin soloist—came to visit our school!!

We listened to her, and she spent part of our day with us.

She sat down with us on a tiny little chair in our classroom. We got close to her, looked at her and asked a lot of questions—some prepared, some not:
“Why do you close your eyes when you play?”
“Why don’t you use a cushion?”
“Why are the hairs on your bow black?”
“What do you do when you’re not playing the violin?”
“Do you travel?”
“Do you have a lot of friends?”

Amandine showed us her white violin case, and it was filled with treasures: postcards, lipstick, tissues, rosin, pencils, a secret good-luck charm, perfume, and more. She told us that she only wears make-up when she gives a concert!

Then it was time for the moment we’d all been waiting for: we showed her our violins!

Our violin class began in the activity room with our teachers, Samia, Delphine and Gabriele.

We were so proud! We tucked our cushions under our chins, tuned our violins and began playing our concert for an audience of children from our school.

We had studied Nicola Mattei, a young Italian composer from a very long time ago, who traveled on a horse with his violin on his back (just like us!). We had even listened to recordings of Amandine Beyer playing his music.

The applause was thunderous!
The cameras clicked.
Our soloist said goodbye.
What wonderful memories!