A nice day for the families from Valais in Verbier

Last July 29th, the Verbier Festival welcomed the children (and their parents) of the violin project from Martigny!

The schedule of the day was very busy. A lot of activities around the theme of the “storm”… They played, they drew, they moved, the almost danced and, of course, they listened to classical music!
In the morning, the participants attended a workshop around the stakes and the subtleties of an orchestra thanks to the metaphor of the storm and the different elements of the weather (the noise of wind, rain, snow, etc.)!

After a picnic with the taste of Valais (^^) in the heart of the village, the day kept on at the Cinéma of Verbier for a concert of the “Petit Orchestre du Chablais”, and then at the “Salle des Combins” for the concert of the Verbier Festival Junior Orchestra with the young talented pianist George Li.

Nice moments of sharing and fraternity for the families and all the people working for the project. The Fondation would like to thank the Verbier Festival for the warm welcome.

Pictures of the day on our Facebook page!